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Unemployment rate among Indian women more than double of men: Study

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NEW DELHI: The unemployment rate among women in India is more than double of that of men with similar qualifications, a new study has revealed.

Titled “Gender Inclusion in Hiring in India”, the study by two Harvard students, Rachel Levenson and Layla O’Kane, noted that 8.7 per cent of working-age urban, educated women in the country are unemployed but only 4 per cent of comparable men find themselves without a job.

“While there are many factors that influence a woman’s decision and ability to find work, the gender gap in the unemployment rate along with ILO (International Labour Organisation) research suggest that women, particularly highly-educated ones, face additional barriers as compared to men in accessing jobs,” it said.

Levenson and O’Kane’s analysis is based on close to 200 India-based jobs for which Shortlist, a hiring firm in India, had provided the recruiting platform between 2016 and 2017. It included 286,991 applications from 211,004 applicants (some people applied to multiple jobs).

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