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Uniting Humans and Machines for Better Customer Service

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The world of tomorrow is about the collaboration between humans and the machines. In today’s industry, cobots are sharing the workload with men and women. And now, the same is true about contact centers, where machines have become central, while keeping human interactions at the core of the process, as well. Here is what is happening in the world of business communications, in terms of the relationship between human and machines.

The Growth of Technology 

One of the reasons why humans need the help of the machine to offer great customer service, is that the growth of technology has been so exponential throughout this young century, that it has become easy to forget and/or lose customers along the way. Today, the telephone has become but one of the ways in which a person can contact a company, when it needs help regarding a product or a service. Therefore, the call centers are now leaving their place to contact centers. It is the only way that each customer will be served through the communication means that he chooses. you can read more information on that topic here :

Furthermore, this accumulation of technological communication tools makes it hard for humans to keep up with the quantity of messages coming in. A company that does not invest in a strong contact center, based on a VoIP phone system, will certainly pay the price, soon enough. That is because it will never be able to keep up with the load. When a contact center is connected to all the communication means that exist, it can answer to them by itself, in a first phase. This way, the customer feels like he is being taken care of, right away. At the same time, it will inform its human counterpart, that he needs to respond in the shortest delay possible. It will even send in reminders, for as long as the message has not been responded to.

Global versus Personal

The association of the machine and humans enables the relation with the customers to be multi-leveled. When the call or the message comes in, the machine will be the one to handle the first part of the work, as it will take care of global demands. Today, this part is actually much more complete than it used to be. That is because thanks to machine learning, they can actually respond directly to a large number of questions that come in, without ever having to transfer the communication to a human, down the line.

However, there are still moments when the customer needs to be handled by another human. This can be in cases when the machine does not know the answer, or when the person calling needs to hear a voice on the other end of the line. When a situation has to be handled on a personal level, humans take over the customer relationship, once again. This unity between men and machine is a positive thing for all involved. It raises the quality of customer service, while relieving stress from employees. The link is bound to be stronger in years to come, still.

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