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Unlocking Success: Daily Habits That Empower Remote Employees

By | Charlie Fletcher

The rise of remote work has revolutionized the way businesses operate, opening up a world of exciting opportunities. With the advancements in technology and the shifting work culture, businesses now have the ability to tap into a truly global talent pool, breaking down geographic barriers and fostering a diverse workforce. Remote work also offers flexibility, increased productivity, and reduced overhead costs.

Nevertheless, to unlock the full potential of remote work and its benefits, managers must recognize the unique challenges of this approach to operations. It is not enough to simply hire a team of workers and leave them to their own devices. It’s crucial to establish effective regular actions that foster connection, engagement, and productivity among distanced employees.

Encourage Daily Wellness

One of your key responsibilities as a manager of remote employees is to prioritize their well-being on a daily basis. This helps your workers be more productive and minimizes absenteeism. It also demonstrates that you’re putting your workers’ interests first, which may impact retention.

Some ways you can have a daily impact include:

Encourage time outdoors

Working remotely often means spending long hours in front of a screen, which may lead to fatigue and decreased productivity. Encourage your remote employees to take regular breaks throughout the day outside of the home. Take the time to suggest a range of impactful ways to spend time outdoors. This may include exploring local nature trails or starting a garden if they have a backyard. Even something as simple as taking a picnic to the park can be beneficial for your remote team members.

Promote good nutrition

A healthy diet is crucial to your remote employees’ daily wellness. Balanced eating habits can boost energy levels, enhance cognitive function, and contribute to a stronger immune system. Encourage workers to prioritize nutritious meals and snacks to fuel their bodies and support their overall well-being. Share resources for healthy recipes and meal ideas that are quick and easy to prepare. You could also occasionally arrange for healthy treats to be delivered to your team members.

Support work-life balance

Remote work offers flexibility, but it can also blur the boundaries between work and personal life. Encourage your remote employees to establish clear boundaries and maintain a solid work-life balance. Emphasize the importance of setting designated work hours and adhering to them. Encourage them to create a dedicated workspace that is separate from their living area, wherever possible. Talk about your own efforts to disconnect from work-related tasks during non-working hours, as this can set a positive example for your employees.

Enable Independent Productivity

Part of your role as a remote manager is to support and empower your team to be productive while fostering a positive work environment. It is, therefore, crucial to strike a balance between providing guidance and avoiding micromanagement. By implementing strategies that encourage independent productivity, you can help your remote employees thrive.

Some effective daily approaches to consider include:

Promote clear communication channels

Effective communication is key to remote work success. Establishing clear and efficient communication channels to keep everyone on your team connected and informed is an important first step. However, it’s also vital to encourage regular check-ins and virtual meetings to provide guidance, address questions, and offer support. This helps workers to recognize that they have a supportive framework that enables them to proceed with their tasks in a manner they find most effective.

Foster autonomy and trust

Micromanagement can hinder productivity and demotivate remote employees. Instead, foster a daily culture of autonomy and trust. Give your employees the space they need to thrive while also being available should they need assistance. Regularly reiterate your confidence in your workers and their ability to perform independently. You should certainly avoid constant monitoring or interfering in every task.

Implement Effective Recognition

In a growing remote work landscape, your talented workforce is likely to have many options for employment. It’s important to adopt practices that help you to become an employer of choice. This can involve providing benefits and maintaining competitive pay. Nevertheless, some of the most impactful traits you can adopt as an employer are those related to employee recognition.

Some effective daily recognition habits can include:

Regular feedback

Offer regular feedback to your remote employees to recognize their progress and provide guidance for improvement. This could be in the form of daily messages as well as scheduled one-on-one meetings. Discuss their work, offer constructive feedback, and highlight areas of strength. Really focus on their achievements during these conversations and provide specific examples of how their contributions have positively impacted the team or organization.

Career development

One valuable way to recognize your employees is to show you see their potential for growth. Encourage continuous learning and skill enhancement by offering access to online courses, webinars, or virtual workshops relevant to their roles and professional goals. Message them with resources or recommendations for industry-related articles, books, or podcasts that can expand their knowledge and expertise. Additionally, offer workers mentorship or coaching programs either within your company or with colleagues in other industries they’re interested in.


To fully capitalize on the opportunities remote operations present, you must adopt daily habits that empower employees. Daily wellness can lead to increased productivity and improved retention. Additionally, independent productivity gives workers the space to thrive in their roles. Finally, implementing effective recognition practices boosts morale but also positions businesses as employers of choice in the competitive remote work landscape.

Beyond this, though, you should also prioritize your own growth and development as an effective virtual leader. By investing in your skills and adopting habits that enhance your remote efficacy, you can create a more impactful and supportive work environment for your teams. Moreover, it can make this new direction in your career far more fulfilling.


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