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Untested strength is scary. You may just collapse when you are really put thru the test having grown to believe otherwise.

Corporate professionals proudly broadcast the years of their experience to mirror their credentials. They often proudly wear it and flaunt it like a badge. And why not, they are entitled to.

However, if the robustness and quality of their experience does not match what the time reference to their experience otherwise indicates, such limited vintage reference to experience is invalid.

The up and downs of careers, managing lucky moments and misfortunes, handling good bosses and bad bosses, performing through high potential associates & incompetent associates, managing gossips, coping with botched-up efforts as much as winning strokes, handling frustrations, politics & celebrations all count.

You have to be tested against most of them and should have emerged from these tests of experiences with the character of a fighter and resilience of a Phoenix . Winning or losing results do not matter. Your learning from experiences does. Isolated time reference to vintage has no validity.

You need to be tested. Smooth seas never train great Sailors. Rough weather and choppy seas do. Thus welcome testing thru misfortunes and adversities for they are the platforms of evidence for your character.

In a way, you should welcome testing and learning exposure thru adversities & misfortunes ! Don’t undermine its value to test and build your character. War stories are thus the fire-fodder of great soldiers !

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