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Unveiling the evolution of data analytics in human capital transformation, ETHRWorld

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<p>Giridhar GV, Global CHRO, HGS</p>
Giridhar GV, Global CHRO, HGS

In the modern age of business, the convergence of data analytics and human capital management has sparked a paradigm shift in organizational strategy and workforce optimization. This fusion, often termed “Data Analytics: The New People Analytics,” stands as a testament to the revolutionary impact of data-driven insights in redefining the approach towards managing and nurturing human talent within organizations.

The Dynamics of Data Analytics in Human Capital Management

At its core, data analytics encompasses the systematic analysis of raw data to extract actionable insights and patterns. Within the context of human capital management, this analytical approach goes beyond conventional HR practices, offering a sophisticated lens through which organizations can decipher multifaceted aspects of their workforce. It transcends basic metrics to delve into nuanced realms, embracing factors such as sentiment analysis, cultural alignment, behavioural patterns, and predictive modelling.

Unveiling Hidden Talent and Potential

Beyond merely assessing historical performance metrics, advanced data analytics empowers organizations to identify latent talents and untapped potential within their workforce. By amalgamating diverse data sources—from employee surveys to performance evaluations and even external market trends—analytics unveils hidden patterns and correlations. This process allows for the recognition…

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