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Upskilling the HR Profession: Building Data Literacy at Scale

By | Jonathan Ferrar | Naomi Verghese |

People analytics is growing. This is evident from the continued investment that global organisations are making in their people analytics functions, the increase in influence of people analytics leaders within companies, and the growth of the human resources (HR) technology market.

Coupled with this growth, in today’s fast-changing business landscape and with such rapidly evolving technological advances, the importance of being proficient in data literacy – in general, and for HR in particular – has become more critical than ever.

At Insight222, we find that many global organisations are approaching this topic with vigour. Our conversations with chief HR officers (CHRO) pivots around the dual desire to improve the value from people analytics, and the need to upskill the HR function itself in data literacy.

 The focus of Insight222’s latest research – Upskilling the HR Profession: Building Data Literacy at Scale – focuses on the latter. The insights are taken primarily from a survey of 73, mainly global, organisations during April 2023. These organisations collectively employ more than 96,000 HR professionals and 5.6 million employees. 

The key findings of this research are:

  1. Role-modelling by the CHRO and HRLT is essential

  2. Responsibility for upskilling should be with the People Analytics leader

  3. Five skills form the core of data literacy for HR

  4. Invest appropriately for a multi-year upskilling programme

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