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Upskilling Your People: Getting Started with Skill Data

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No matter how or why you’re upskilling your people, there’s a reliable way to make learning click: make it relevant. And one of the key ingredients to relevant learning is skill data.

Familiarizing yourself with the concepts behind skill data doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Understanding what it is, where it comes from, and how to get it can open up a world of new information to your organization.

Meeting and Exceeding Business Goals

Senior executives and CEOs want their teams to lead with advanced analytics, according to Deloitte. “The amount of data available to organizations every day continues to proliferate at a staggering volume… But not every organization is optimizing the opportunities available.”

In that same study, organizations that reported having the strongest cultural orientation to data-driven insights and decision-making were twice as likely to have reported exceeding business goals in the prior 12 months. Findings from the new Degreed report State of Skills 2021 show advanced data analytics rank among the top ten in-demand skills among HR professionals.

With skill data, you can make informed decisions and support dynamic talent initiatives that personalize learning, engage your people, provide new career opportunities, and create real business value.

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