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US talent model will play a very important role: Ravi Kumar, Infosys

Source | The Economic Times 

In a chat with ET Now, Mohit Joshi , President, Head BFSI, Ravi Kumar S , President, Deputy Chief Operating Officer and Rajesh Krishnamurthy , President, Head of Telecom and Utilities, discuss the way Infosys has evolved over the last two years.

Edited excerpts :

What is the matrix you are working on now in Infosys?
Ravi Kumar S 
: Execution is like an ongoing engine and you step the game up every quarter. I will talk about all the matrix that we are working on and this is like almost changing the engine inflight. Let us talk about utilisation which is one of the most important matrix in the way you look at execution. This quarter it was 84%, a combination of the quality of demand, the ability to take waste out of the system and the ability to actually bring the entire pyramid of talent into projects, especially the bottom of the pyramid which is always the most difficult part.

The ability to put a lot of campus hires on projects, a lot of bandwidth for us actually is at the bottom of the pyramid. Zero bench played a very important role because it just helped us to enable them even before they got into projects and made them much more equipped and much more production ready. So utilisation was a big metric but you always see circuit breakers in utilisation. We thought there was a circuit breaker in the last quarter. The quarter before now I think there was a circuit breaker.

Yes 84% but it seems to suggest that there is still some scope because the onsite mix is a little high.

Ravi Kumar S : It is probably the best in the last few quarters and even last few years. There is still room for improvement every time you look at any metric. You always can reinvent, rediscover, repurpose it and create more. Onsite mix allows us more scope again and it is dependent on the quality.

You will move more people offshore.

Ravi Kumar S : Our business has become very dichotomous. One part of the business which is run, maintained and operated has gone through extreme automation and extreme offshoring. Another part of the business which is the build business or the transform business or the new services which Vishal spoke about, is actually going through a much different kind of a transformation. It is more agile worth, shortest sprints, closer to clients. Therefore, our US talent model will play a very important role.

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