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Using AI to Enhance Employee Communications | Lin Grensing-Pophal

​A Gartner survey reveals that 38 percent of employees and managers feel bombarded by excessive, confusing internal communications, leading to misalignment and unopened messages. Artificial intelligence can make employee communications better.

Joel DiGirolamo, vice president of research and data science at the International Coaching Federation, suggests using ChatGPT as a primary tool. For example, he said, you can ask ChatGPT a simple question such as: “Please write an employee communication on the reasons for a dress code in the workplace.” Or, you can be more specific, putting parameters on the question, such as: “In a manufacturing setting, where must one wear steel-toed shoes?”

“Generative AI can also be useful in providing a first-draft communication as well as elements that one may otherwise not consider, thus providing a more comprehensive communication to employees,” he said.

Creating content is an obvious and increasingly common use case for tools such as GenAI. But there are other innovative ways HR and corporate communications pros are putting these tools to use to enhance employee communication.

Focus Group Summaries and Sentiment Analysis

“We have discovered that using very specific prompts when working with generative AI can synthesize focus group and workshop transcripts to provide an alternative look at the information provided in those sessions,” DiGirolamo said. That, he said, “provides an inexpensive way to ensure we are mining those sessions…

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