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Using Your Phone While Traveling for Business

By | Connor Circle | Global HR Expert

Not infrequently, when you are on vacation in Europe, a supposedly new client calls you, and this was the bank’s autoinformer. Minus a couple of cents per second of “communication”! Now, before traveling abroad, it is worth equipping not only yourself, but also your smartphone. The main thing is to limit traffic.

Take advantage of SIM-Only Deals

One of the main benefits while traveling through Europe is the usage of SIM-only deals that are lower rates and significant cash savings over the life of your mobile plans. The flexibility of SIM-only plans in terms of contract length and phone choice is a huge benefit. Expert consultants will help travelers choose fares based on wishes. Travelers should calculate mobile service costs to determine if SIM-only plans or plans that include mobile phones are the best options for them.

Subscribing to SIM-only travel offers can simplify the process of setting up a mobile plan by eliminating the need to select brands or models of mobile phones. Europe Sim Card across Europe can be swapped between devices if you have more than one, allowing you to swap or upgrade your phones. Many European travelers who have SIM-only plans choose to use dual-SIM phones for both personal and professional communication.

You already know how to save money on mobile communications, now let’s talk about preparing a smartphone for a trip (after all, knowing these nuances and simple actions can save you from many troubles and problems in a foreign country).

Follow traffic

On a holiday in Europe, we can rarely afford to go into airplane mode for the whole day. Therefore, disable automatic application updates, synchronization, downloading media files from instant messengers… Otherwise, while you save money, your smartphone will use the mobile Internet to the fullest. Make sure all the apps you need while traveling are working offline! Disable automatic app updates, synchronization with mail and calendar, auto-upload of photos, videos and documents in social networks and instant messengers. In the browser, always immediately switch to mobile versions of sites. They weigh less! And don’t forget to download games, favorite tracks or movies for the trip in advance.

More helpful tips

You can save a lot on calls from instant messengers. But you need fast internet. In order not to guess where in an unfamiliar country you can connect to free Wi-Fi, install a special application for finding access points, for example, Instabridge, Free Wi-Fi finder, Free Wi-Fi Map. You will also find passwords for them there.

Secondly, it is an offline translator. Unless, of course, you are a polyglot. English does not always help to find a common language with the local population. When you need to learn something from passers-by or read a sign on the door, a phrasebook or translator will come in handy. Applications, for obvious reasons, must work offline. Google Translate is suitable for almost everyone because language packs weigh a little.

Also, buy a portable battery. On a good note, before going to Europe, it is worth replacing the battery if it is worn out. Find out in advance what type of sockets are used in the country you are going to. Buy an adapter and a portable battery to ensure battery life as long as possible.

Finally, use the caller ID. Responding abroad only to calls from contacts for many of us is not a solution. What if the customer dials from a new number? You need a tool to cut off spam and jars. Mobile apps like Truecaller or NumBuster! help out here, because the caller ID works without Internet access.

Additional useful services

  1. Flightradar24, Skyscanner. Applications are useful for those who travel by plane. Ticket search and aircraft tracking.
  2. AirBnB,, Couchsurfing. Search for housing for free and for rent, hotel reservations.
  3. Bike Citizens, Citymapper, Nearify. Reference books of routes of public transport.
  4. XE Currency, MyCurrency. Currency converters.
  5. TripAdvisor, Flipkey, Orbitz. Search for attractions and excursions.

In conclusion

Today, a modern traveler in Europe cannot do without a smartphone. For this reason, recommendations have been prepared for customers on how to prepare their phone for travel, as well as how to save money on cellular communications in Europe. If you are just going on a business trip or a tourist trip, and you need to stay in touch with your native country, we advise you to buy a SIM card in advance while in your country. It is not only more convenient, but also more profitable. Share your tips. Have a nice holiday!




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