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Value creation through HRMS (Human Resource management system)

Source | LinkedIn : By Ankur Sehgal

We are in an interesting Digital Era:

1 in every 5 minutes is spent on work-related apps
85% of time spent on  mobile is on app
520 million smart phone users by 2020
500 million working population by 2020
702 million internet users by 2020

80% of the companies are adopting Saas(Software as a service- Cloud) in HR
30% of increase in mobile apps in past year
2X increase in employee satisfaction through mobile
25% of the organizations are looking for mobile enablement
Advantage India-65% of population is under age of 35

Nasscom, Techcrunch, Statisca,EY,Gartner,Peoplematters,Sierra Cedar,IMA report

User Experience has surely led the way we experience work with fun.

The Business dynamics is changing as ever and a lot of focus is on primarily 4 levers:

Predictability- How can a system(e.g- HRMS) help an organization in building 
predictability across the candidate or employee lifecycle value chain, resulting 
in insightful analytics which help in apt decision making impacting the business.

Scalability- Business goes through troughs and crests. Can a HRMS help manage
this scale both upstream and downstream and be a true value creator?

Governance- With Info-security guideliness being prime, data security and 
confidentiality becomes most important. Can a HRMS capture all the Audit trails
and give meaningful insights as and when needes.

Stakeholder Experience- User is the chooser- Experience is key! Hence it is at the core. And DIY-
Do it yourself platforms are the ones in demand.

Lets look at how does a HRMS help in creating value to the business across Candidate and Employee life-cycle.

Recruitment- Organizations look for nothing but hiring “The best talent”

If we break the Recruitment life-cycle and see the Value impact that a Integrated HRMS can bring by managing a Candidate life-cycle well, it will look something like this:

Similarly, across the Employee life-cycle, the following will emerge:

On boarding- An unforgettable Day-1 experience ensuring higher candidate experience scores for the organization. Allowing the candidate to download the on-boarding pass. Pre-joining document completion ensuring: 100% compliance and making an employee productive on day-1. Anytime, anywhere access. In my experience, highly engaged new-joiners result in 25% less attrition.

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