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Value-driven Leadership

The value of values in the workplace

By | Charlotte Wiseman |

We are passed the point of no return. “Business as normal” will never be what is has been before. As highlighted by McKinsey’s article, The CEO moment, it is time to reflect, recalibrate and redefine what we want the future workplace to look like, “free of the burden of historical norms”. 

Research has shown how the pandemic has made people stop and reflect on what matters in their lives. This shift has made people of all ages seek more than a pay-check from their job, they want their work to have meaning. We are all stopping to ask, “do my values align with my organisation?”, “do my values align with those around me?”, and, “is my work having a meaningful, positive impact on society?”

The ‘value’ of values in the workplace is not a new concept. From Dr Paul Wong, to Professors Edward DeciRichard Ryan and Anya Olafsen, the ROI on meaning in the workplace has been well evidenced. One such study identified “purpose” as one of the three key drivers for employee engagement, and my recent research in Sustainable Leadership has reiterated how meaningful work acts to prevent burnout and optimise performance. So, while we have known it leads to better organisational outcomes for some time, it is now becoming more important than ever. 

In a series of three articles, I am going to explore the concept of Values, the importance of them in the workplace and give you the tools to use value-driven leadership to recapture your sense of community in a remote workplace. In doing so you have the change to enhance collaboration, motivation and resilience, while driving organisational performance without unnecessary fear and stress.

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