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Victory is not an end state

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The sweet taste of victory — who does not like it? Whether it is a race or an examination, wouldn’t we love to be the first to breast the tape/ to notch the highest score? When we pose the same question to an organisation as a whole — it raises some key thoughts: how would winning be defined in the context of the workplace? Is winning a goalpost or a journey?

Victory is not an end state

Interestingly, experts say that, in the organisational context, victory is not an end state– it is a journey. It is about achieving a satisfactory state in a host of small and big areas and paddle hard to keep it that way.

Across employee surveys, organisations have reported that if the score on this survey item: “I get to use my talents and strengths every day at work” is high, they are in a good place as far as climate is concerned.
While there are advanced tools and methods to identify employee talents and strengths, and there is constant innovation in this area, what is most important is sticking to the basics. A mature, caring manager who is present for his team, transparent and seen as fair is the best tool.

In addition to that, you might want to consider this 3-point rule:

Rule 1: Build a common language to talk about skills and talents

Get people talking about skills and talents. Get those conversations going. It is simply not enough to have sophisticated tools to enable them. It’s the shared vocabulary and commitment to it that is crucial.


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