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Vikram Johri: Inside HR

News of Indian HR leaders such as Leena Nair (Unilever) and Rajesh Ramanathan (Mondelez) making it to the top of global HR in their organisations has focused attention on the least-recognised discipline of management. Both XLRI graduates, Ms Nair and Mr Ramanathan continue the tradition of churning out HR gold that institute is known for. (For the rest of the B-school gang, it is another story, but more on that later.)


In India, with the rise of the knowledge economy and high levels of churn in the technology sector, HR has come to assume an importance it was hitherto not given. Five-star panels discussing the latest trends are now a routine occurrence, the ones where participants wax eloquent on the changing dynamics of the profession, the need to nurture and retain flighty talent, the pitfalls of working with geographically diverse employees, and so on.


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