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Vishavjit Singh: “Battling Unconscious Biases” | Talks at Google

Instead of fighting crime, Sikh Captain America (Vishavjit Singh) is battling unconscious biases. He is the creator of, and wears many labels, including storyteller, cartoonist, writer, performance artist… though he prefers stories to labels. During this talk he will share some of his own stories, and how they connect to ours.


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  1. How long until comments are disabled on this one? Shutting down discourse on the most important topics seems to be the M.O. here.

  2. Having lived in four countries in my life, and my experience is that, judgement and racism is universal. The fact that non-white people are trying to demand such extreme levels of fairness in North America is just baseless. Maybe we can turn down playing our identity games too.

  3. People who accuse westerners of "unconscious bias" are immensely hypocritical as most people on earth are way worse than any westerner..

    I lived and worked on 3 continents, visited 5, speak 5 languages and have 2 different passports including one from a muslim country, so I know actually way more than any liberal who would speak nonsense like this on these subjects..

  4. It takes a great big heart to suffer and still forgive other who have caused u suffering. Because it takes a highly level of wisdom to understand that people act in a way because of ignorance. And it's best to forgive them and spread love.
    Great respect for you sir for calling not racist to the people who did wrong as u just stopped them being labeled too.

  5. "Battling Unconscious Biases" key word for me is Battling, waging a war on peoples unconscious now i see. Stalin would have loved you, infact the great George Orwell wrote about you.
    Thank god theres push back against this bloody madness.

  6. I have a rational bias against people who wear silly hats for religious reasons. They are dishonest bs peddlers and scam artists most of the time. The others are sheep who buy into that irrational stuff.
    The irony of him talking about "labels" and then putting a big ugly "label" on the top of his head makes me lmao.
    He is of course right, the race lable shoudn't even exist, because there are no reasonable definitions for race. Differences between people from different origions can still be important, because drugs/medicine can have different outcomes or effectivness for people with different DNA make up.

  7. Very insightful. Hopefully others see the positive side to address issues that are apart of American history but needs change and is not indicative to the melting pot of America.

  8. Unbelievable how Google has access to more data than any corporation on Earth and still thinks unconscious bias is a thing. I also love how this comes up as a suggested video for me right next to Jordan Peterson's Queen's University talk. If Peterson's talk didn't convince me of the ridiculousness of the leftist agenda, this sure has.

  9. Biases are the product of clashing cultures and the eventual dominance of one culture over the other. Whenever someone mentions biases without context, it means a bias has been proposed as a correction to fix the offending bias. One dimensional solutions to solve a human psychological problem. ?

  10. Only about 7 minutes in but very confused. He claims to never read any book before college (shortly after describing his thought process of cutting his hair and removing his head piece) – the basis for his ideology. Upon changing his mind and growing his hair and adding the turben back caused coworkers to get upset. I've been in a similar place (want to fit in don't want to stand out). I empathize with the plight but the idea we can remove pattern recognition from our subconscious is ridiculous (if anything perhaps we can blame "msm"). Not to mention the solution is simple – come at this from a different perspective, if you see vitriole help out mankind, help us understand your culture, talk to those around you.

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