Voices Of Success: Billionaire Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw On Founding Biocon As An ‘Accidental Entrepreneur’

Source | | Luke Kelly

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw is Chairperson and Managing Director of Biocon, Asia’s leading biopharmaceutical enterprise. She is a well-regarded global influencer and appears on Forbes 2018 Power Women list, as well as India’s Richest. Her pioneering efforts in biotechnology have drawn global recognition for both the Indian industry and Biocon.

In this Voices of Success interview, Mazumdar-Shaw recounts her beginnings as a self-styled “accidental entrepreneur.” Founded in 1978, Biocon was born of her desire to create a new type of biotech company. “I wanted a boundless, non-hierarchical kind of company,” she recalls. “That kind of stuff really appealed to me, and I did it all the way.” Looking back at her journey, Mazumdar-Shaw says that it was crucial to “be patient and challenge that proof of concept.”

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