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Walk the talk: Educating for the future of work

Perceptions of value and affordability of education are inextricably linked to employability and income growth

Source | | Shobha Venkataraman

Elevar’s thesis in education and employability comes from a simple observation: education for their children is one of the highest expenditures within our customer’s spending wallet, and yet access and quality continue to be a challenge. We have to solve for parents within low income communities, and not just their children. For our target segment, while investment in education is upfront, the value of such education is not obvious, unless realized and measured by employability and an enhancement in family income. Our goal is, therefore, to invest in distribution models that leverage technology and community strengths to increase access to affordable quality education, enhance the skills of the underemployed and return dignity and pride to jobs such as sales agents and teachers. 

At a recent Beyond Discussions event by Elevar, we explored our thesis with several friends of Elevar, experts in the field, and with our entrepreneurs in the education and employability sector leading the conversation. Scarcity of capital, perceptions of value and affordability, content curation for skill development, and the sheer scale of the problem are challenges leading to unemployment and underemployment. These are pain points our entrepreneurs are addressing, furthering our ambition for greater access to education and better employability for low income communities. 

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