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Want a career with meaning, impact and rapid growth? consider People Analytics


Marc Andreessen famously said a decade ago that software is eating the world. It has probably digested most corporate disciplines and if the VC frenzy is anything to go by, HR is next.

HR is following the same path marketing did over the last few decades. There was a time not too long ago when excellence in Marketing was largely based on empathy and creativity. For me the Carousel clip from Mad men captures it the best. Who doesn’t want to be Don Draper in that clip? But put yourself in the shoes of the clients. Their choices were largely based on gut feeling. Many people would call it ‘judgement’, I’d call it guessing. Fast forward to today and marketers have far more precise insights before they make the investments. That’s because technology has consumed marketing. It has helped marketers create sensors that help measure the impact of every little decision they can make. Analytics has been used to carefully craft experiments and generate data that can be mined for insights. Not just insights that feel right in your gut; but insights that you can bet the bank on. If you were a talented marketer who embraced analytics and technology a couple of decades ago, you would experience a meteoric rise, the likes of which would be challenging to replicate for those entering the field today. The key is to spot the transformation and get in early.

People Analytics offers that opportunity today. It can provide deep meaning, the opportunity to make a massive impact at a global level and to get handsomely rewarded.

  1. Meaning: Steve Jobs famously asked John Scully ‘You want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life, or do you want to come with me and change the world?. Have you ever talked to someone about how to find great talent? What questions should be asked in the interview? Does corporate training work? what should we do to reduce attrition on our team or improve engagement? how should we improve inclusion on our team? How to design a good performance management system? and so on. I find that when I talk to people about these topics they have a lot of ideas and they have even more unanswered questions. But above all I see their eyes light up, there is great energy about the conversation because these topics go deep with people. If your eyes don’t light up talking about your current role, I’ll just say that you don’t have to keep selling ‘sugar water’, instead you can change the world.

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