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If You Want to Create a Culture of Engagement, Get 5 Key Issues Right

Source | LinkedIn : By Patrick Leddin

Are you effectively engaging both the passion and potential of your people in order to bring out their very best?

As a leader, the engagement level of your people often comes down to how you interact with them, and how you support or hinder their development. I have noticed that great leaders, no matter their level in an organization, ensure that 5 key issues are addressed and necessary programs are in place to foster a culture of engagement.

To help remember the 5 programs, I’ve structured them with the first letter of each program combining to spell out the word STARS.

As an individual leader, you can be the catalyst to help your organization get these right. However, I encourage you not to wait for the entire organization or some other department to put these programs in place or to get them right.

You can start today to cover down on the basics and care for your people in each area.

Here are the 5 key elements, a brief explanation of each, and questions for you to consider as you assess your current performance:

  1. Selection & Orientation
  2. Training & Development
  3. Accountability & Performance Management
  4. Relationships (Coaching & Mentoring)
  5. Succession Planning

1. Selection & Orientation

Imagine what it is like to be the new employee who shows up for her first day at the office and finds herself with no building access, an unprepared workspace, and no clear plan for the first few days of work. If you’ve had more than one job in your life, you can likely relate to the different ways organizations select and orient their people.

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