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Want Loyal Employees? Here are 7 Things you should be doing

Source | LinkedIn : By Brigette Hyacinth

Yesterday, I was speaking to Jill (not her real name) who had been on extended sick leave. She was diagnosed with cancer in 2016. She returned to work but was hurt that not one of the Managers called to see how she was doing. Her immediate supervisor would call but quickly cut to the chase, asking her when she was coming back out to work. The cancer is in remission now but Jill said, “I am not going the extra mile like before; they don’t care about me and I don’t care about them!”

 If you Want Loyal Employees? Here are 7 Things you should be doing:

1.Show that you Care – If we treat people only as the means to an end, we will never have their loyalty. Don’t just consider them as a robot on your cog-like production line.Treat your people right. It doesn’t mean being overly attentive or soft but demonstrate that you value people.

It doesn’t take much to show people that you care. If you have an employee on extended sick leave or who loses a family member. Pick up the phone and call them. Be genuinely sympathetic. It will mean the world to them. Sending a card or flowers is good but take the time to call them. This is something they will never forget. You don’t have to pry. Just a simple question as, “How are you doing today?” will let them know that you care. Some employees require time off for family commitments, educational or professional development programs. Where possible be flexible. If employees have to go through red tape or interrogation to get time off, they will decide to call in sick.

“ Respect is how to treat everyone, not just those you want to impress.” ~Richard Branson

2. Show Respect – Wanting employees to come in early and leave late on a daily basis shows a lack of respect for their personal lives. Additionally, contacting them after work hours or while they are on vacation should be avoided. Yes there are situations where you will need to, but this should not be the norm. When employees realize that you don’t care about them by infringing on their personal time, everything you do regarding relationship building activities will seem superficial. Furthermore respect is a must. A good manager doesn’t talk down to staff or make them feel inferior. Team members should not feel any pressure or intimidated to come directly to you. Show respect for all those you come in contact with inclusive of the janitor, security guard and anyone else.

3. Connect with your Team – Be visible. Make your presence felt. Don’t just lock yourself in your office for the whole day and only communicate with staff when you want something done. How can you motivate the troops when you are out of sight? Come down from the mountaintop and mix and mingle with your subordinates. Sit at lunch with them. Get to know your team. Build relationships.

4. Advocate for Staff – Exhibit loyalty to your employees. In some cases if a complaint is made against an employee, the manager is quick to jump in, and suddenly all the good the employee has done is cast into the sea of forgetfulness. Don’t be the judge, jury, and executioner. Don’t throw your people under the bus, let them know you have their back. Managers also lose credibility when they refuse to hold themselves accountable, point fingers and palm of the blame on others.

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