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Want to Attract and Retain Top Talent? Agile Leaders are Key.

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Attracting and retaining top industry talent is both a priority and a challenge for businesses that strive for sustainable performance results. To be competitive, companies must position themselves as an employer of choice, a destination where best in the industry will not only contribute their skills, but also continue learning and growing – lest they seek greener pastures elsewhere. How can employers cultivate the type of workplace that will attract top talent and keep them around for the long run? Agile leaders are the key.

What Top Talent is Looking For

Talented people want more than a competitive salary and robust benefits; they want a place where they can feel good about their contributions to the company. They want challenges, an opportunity for growth, and to work in an environment that is positive and supportive. They desire a company with purpose. In their annual Pulse of Talent report, Ceridian partners with Nielsen to find out what roadblocks are preventing top talent from being acquired and what’s driving them to leave a company once hired. One of the most telling facts to come from the 2017 report is that nearly 40 percent of high performers are actively job hunting. Whether that’s good for your company (you’re hiring) or not so good (your talent is trying to leave) is up to you to evaluate.

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