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Want To Be A Great Leader? First, Get Over Yourself

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Dr. Mark Epstein is an author and a psychiatrist in private practice. He is known for integrating Buddhist philosophy with psychotherapy and his seven books explore various aspects of this.

His latest book, Advice Not Given: A Guide to Getting Over Yourself, describes his journey towards being more proactive in sharing meditation with his patients and his insights from his own personal journey of “getting over himself.”

In my coaching practice I integrate wisdom of all kinds, and this book has a lot of resonance for coaches and for leaders. It is centered around the “Eightfold Path of Buddhism,” which you can think about as simply eight areas for self-reflection.

The book has plenty of practical applications for anyone on their journey of leadership development, to say nothing of human development.

I am calling out just three of these principles that relate to the core skills of leadership are: 1) self-awareness – becoming aware of your self-talk. 2) Right action – activating emotional self-control. 3) Right effort – finding the balance in relating to others.

Right speech – minding your self-talk

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