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Want to Keep Your Best Employees From Quitting? They Want to See These 4 Things in the Workplace

Employee engagement is no longer an HR buzzword. It's a way of being--every single day


In the digital era, companies more than ever need to create human-centered workplaces with the primary focus on their No.1 stakeholder — employees

To do that, leaders need to get in the game of engaging employees, but play it strategically with a long-term focus, not for short-term gain.

This means fostering an environment where employees want to go to work, where the work has meaning and purpose, and where people feel like they belong to a family.

Willis Towers Watson, a global advisory firm, found that two out of three workers were not fully engaged at work, with almost one-fifth being completely disengaged. 

Talent is critical to any company’s success. And as people spend the majority of their hours at work, leaders must figure out a way to leverage their most precious resource in a manner that works for both companies and employees.

Being that I’m a big fan of impactful leadership books that address the engagement crisis, one recently came across my desk that is worthy of the spotlight. 

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