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Want to Keep Your Best Workers From Quitting? Start Practicing This Daily Habit of the Best Companies

A lack of this necessary human practice is the third-most common reason employees choose to leave their employers


It is human nature to want to feel recognized by managers and co-workers for good performance and hard work. We are wired to desire praise and recognition, and it’s good for our brains.    

The chemical dopamine, a neurotransmitter produced in the brain, stimulates the parts of the brain that process rewards and create positive emotions like satisfaction and enjoyment.

But the outlook on recognition for employees, unfortunately, isn’t always positive.

recent report by Paychex found that 33.5 percent of workers feel they’re not shown the gratitude they deserve, whereas nearly half of surveyed workers said they highly value gratitude from their boss. 

Why recognition matters.

If employees don’t receive the recognition they desire, they may be headed for the door. Case in point, a lack of recognition is the third-most common reason employees choose to leave their employers, according to a survey of 1,154 people by Achievers.

With two-thirds of employees saying they may quit this year, business leaders must take action to engage their workforce and build a desirable culture to proactively prevent turnover. To do this, leaders must become recognition champions.

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