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Want to sound less annoying? Avoid these 15 words and phrases that are ‘embarrassingly cliched,’ say grammar experts

By | Kathy | Ross Petras |

As 2021 comes to an end, it’s the perfect time for reflection. And let’s be frank: Many of us wish the people in our lives would reflect on their communication skills. These days, there are some mind-numbingly overuse buzzwords and clichés that make everyone want to scream.

Recently, we interviewed managers, recruiters and employees about the words and phrases they think should be retired in 2022 — or at least go on a long vacation. Here’s that list, dashed with a healthy amount of our opinions as grammar experts:

1. Bandwidth

If you’re talking about internet usage, go for it. But today, a lot of people use “bandwidth” to refer to human capacities to take on a task — and it’s getting tired.

It has officially become a buzzword that your business partners don’t have the bandwidth to keep hearing.

2. End-user

As with “bandwidth,” here’s a computer word that spread to more general use, especially in marketing and advertising.

Our main problem with it when it leaves the technical realm and goes into general use is that it’s dehumanizing and impersonal. Why not use people-centric words like customer, buyer or client?

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