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Was I Wrong To Walk Out of the Job Interview?

Source | LinkedIn : By Liz Ryan

Dear Liz,

I am a devoted follower of yours and you’ve helped me a lot. I did something new this week. I walked out of a job interview halfway through. It was a sketchy situation from the beginning.

The people I communicated with about the interview with didn’t communicate with one another. I pressed through all that to get to the interview but when I got there, the person I was scheduled to meet (Allan) was out  of the office and they couldn’t find him.

They wanted me to meet someone else. They called everyone they could trying to find someone to interview me.

Finally they found Nan to do it. After the receptionist talked to Nan, it still took her thirty-five minutes to come and get me from the lobby.  If anyone had been flustered or apologetic I would have felt better, but it seemed like a normal day at the office to them.

I waited about an hour and Nan finally came out of her office. She took me into the conference room and asked me three questions:

  • Why do you want to work here?
  • What makes you a great hire for us? and
  • What’s your greatest weakness?

I told her that I could share the reasons I was interested in learning more about the job, but that it would be premature to say I already wanted to work there.

I didn’t mention that the first impression the company left on me was not great! I told her what interested me about the job. As for the question “What makes you a great hire for us?”

I said “I can tell you why I will be a great hire for somebody – I can’t say it will be you because you and I have just started talking.”

For the last question I gave her the high-mojo answer you recommend about having cared about my weaknesses at one time but now focusing on my strengths.

Nan did not have my resume with her, or anything to write with or anything to write on. After she got through her three questions, she had nothing more to say, so I started asking her questions.

I thought that was going okay but after a short time she couldn’t answer my most basic questions, and we were out of conversational topics after thirty minutes.

Finally Nan said  “I don’t know whether you are qualified for this job or not, so I don’t want to lead you on, but since you are here you must meet our Director.”

She said she would go get him. I was doubtful because no one had been able to find the Director when I first arrived and they were  looking for someone to interview me. Nan didn’t bother to ask me “Can you wait to speak to our Director?”

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