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Watch a Fun and Competitive Drill to Work on Communication!


Thanh Pham and his University of St. Thomas program has a conference winning percentage of .900 in league play. Now, you can get insight from this highly successful coach with a fun and competitive drill called ‘Bounce.’ The organized chaos in this drill forces players to communicate, collaborate, and play aggressively to win.

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  1. Awesome game!  For those with large teams, or multiple teams practicing in the same gym, I have 6 players on each side, and they must stay in the v'ball court, relying on their "sideline" (bench players) to pass the ball back in to them.  Sideliners must stay off the court at all times. This ensures that nobody is standing around spectating!

  2. I tried it with my 16's and I have a question: What if a player on the other team hits it long or out of bounds?

    Does that receiving team still penalized with bounces despite the fact that the offensive team hit it out?

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