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Watch for these 6 indicators to know when a recession could be coming

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If you’re trying to figure out how the U.S. economy is doing these days, you probably feel like you’re riding on a seesaw.

One minute, things look like they’re heading up. U.S. employers created new positions at a healthy pace in July, adding 164,000 workers while the unemployment rate held at a near half-century low. Seconds later, however, it looks like there could be trouble. Days after President Donald Trump announced plans to slap additional tariffs on imports from China by Sept. 1, many economists started warning about the rising risks of a recession.

Most experts say there’s no need to panic just yetbut there are a number of datasets you may want to watch to help signal future economic shocks. They’re generally referred to as “indicators,” and they’re what experts read when trying to spot-check the health of the national economy.

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