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Ways HR Can Influence the Organizational Culture

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Organizational culture is formed by a wide range of things, including the industry, employees’ average age (or generation), employees’ skill level, and the stage of life most employees are in, just to name a few. But there are ways that organizational culture can be both indirectly and directly influenced by the organization, including the HR team. Let’s outline some of them.

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Influencing the Organizational Culture

Here are a few ways HR can have an impact on organizational culture:

  • Benefits on offer can impact culture much more directly than some may realize. For example, providing a generous parental leave package will go a long way toward creating a culture that is supportive of parents. Or, providing a flexible workday or remote work option can influence how the organization judges performance, encouraging judgment based on outcomes, not hours. These are just a couple examples of how benefit packages can influence culture.

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