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Ways of Improving Your Customer Service Game

By Ian Pearson

Being a successful entrepreneur doesn’t only mean having a quality product or services, rather it also reflects the manner in which you treat your customers. Taking into account advancements in modern communication technologies, one must coordinate customer service on several fronts, like Twitter and Facebook, while being forthcoming and helpful at the same time. But there is always room to be better, and implementing new ideas and strategies when communicating with your customers can be beneficial for both parties.

Have extensive knowledge of your products or services

It is very important to know everything there is to know about the product(s) you’re selling or services you’re providing. This will help you be as helpful as possible and solve the problems your customers are facing in the most efficient way. Also, make a list of frequently asked questions since they will help you improve your product or services, and posting them online can save some time for you and your customers.

Advertise your customer service

Tell your customers of all the possible places they can find help, and make sure to remind them of that regularly. This announcement should be clear and visible, located somewhere your customers can access it easily. For example, if you’re providing customer service via Skype, make sure to say that on your website, Facebook and all other media, as well as on the Skype profile page. In this way, your customers will know that they are welcome to ask for your assistance in all matters pressing to them.

Be creative

No matter if you’re welcoming customers to your premises, or talking to them online, you can be creative and try out some fun ideas to get rid of possible tension. For instance, you can be witty in your communication via messages, or ask customers to participate in making a video for other customers. Whether you are implementing Disney customer service training rules for your staff or simply thinking of photo booth hire Wollongong so your customers can have fun and make some memories, the service you provide should always aim to relax your customers and make them feel comfortable to ask you for help.

Be friendly and attentive

Even if the customer you’re about to engage looks angry, uninterested or frowning, always welcome them with a smile. This also applies to communication via phone, because people can sense you’re smiling on the other side of the line. Listen to their issues without interrupting them, write down their concerns so you don’t miss anything and pay attention to the little things, like if they’re upset or shy.

Don’t turn them down or tell them you don’t know the answer to their problem. If you really don’t know how to help them, ask them kindly to wait and go get a colleague or a manager who’ll be able to be of assistance. And don’t forget to thank them because practicing this after every encounter, personal or via social media, is the best start of an excellent customer service.

Collect feedback

It would be a tremendous help for your company to know what your customers think about you, your products or services. You can create online surveys and questionnaires, or kindly ask them to fill out short forms after completing their order or purchase. Later on, you can review the answers and opinions, and find what needs to be improved and changed in the way you manage your business.

Be respectful

We are all human and of course that factor needs to be included when communicating with your customers. No matter what, it is important that you suppress your emotions and concentrate on the issues and problems at hand. Always be courteous and try to let your customer walk away pleased with your service and happy. This means that all employees should undergo training on how to communicate with customers in all possible situations and moods.

In the end

Customer service is not only about solving potential problems, but also providing the best possible service on all occasions, even if customers are looking for information on the product or service. The impression your manners leave on the customers will follow you in all your future dealings. The business experience suggests that the customers will refuse to buy products or service where they weren’t satisfied with customer services. So, having excellent communication with your customers will make your image and business better, not to mention the benefits arising for both sides.

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