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4 Ways Mental Toughness Can Help People Gain Clarity In Life

By | Larae Quy |

As a kid, my parents gave me no choice—I was going to go to college after I graduated from high school. I had no clarity on what to do with my life, so I followed the blueprint laid out by my parents.

I followed the path chosen for me all through school, and when I graduated, some fool told me that if I followed my passion, I’d never have to work a day in my life. Clothes were fun and I loved to shop, so I looked for a job as a buyer in a fancy department store.

What a mistake! I was miserable, bored, and restless. To get out of the rut I had dug for myself, I went back to school to pursue a Master’s degree—but in what?

I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life. Most of my friends had gotten married and started families. Was I supposed to do the same thing?

The default answer I’d get from everyone was “follow your passion” but I suspected that was crap advice, so I set out to pinpoint when and where I found contentment in my life. Not fleeting bursts of vacuous happiness, but experiences that produced value and meaning.  

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