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5 Ways to Become a Top Performer at Any Company

How to become a standout employee, as told by a CEO.

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I often get asked what I look for in new talent. What makes an employee genuinely invaluable? What differentiates a typical employee from a top performer? It’s a question we’ve all likely asked ourselves at some point throughout our careers. And while every company, field and role requires a unique set of qualifications and technical skills, certain attributes are indispensable no matter where you work or what you do.   

Here are the five attributes that characterize a truly remarkable employee.  

1. Naturally curious  

These individuals are not at your organization just to do a job, but rather to make their mark on the company as a whole. They are deeply inquisitive, which typically means they see beyond just the roles and responsibilities outlined within a 100-word job description. Instead, they view their day-to-day work as a way to further the organization’s vision at large. They inherently connect the dots —understanding that each task, big or small, supports a collective push.  

These employees are always present. In other words, they bring their whole selves to work and sincerely believe in the impact, and ripple effect, of a job well done. Their penchant to learn and problem-solve is not only admirable, but also insatiable. Looking for creative solutions to business problems is almost like a reflex to them. They are asking themselves the important questions, enabling them to remain proactive before a manager needs to step in — ultimately reducing feedback loops and driving companywide productivity.  

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