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Ways to Ensure I.T. Security for Your Small Business

By | Rayanne Morriss

The ability to start a small business is not often easy. You have to consider several factors regarding Information Technology (I.T.) and be well informed to ensure the best results for your business. However, the challenges in keeping track of all these factors are not often easy and involved. Realize that choosing to implement the correct I.T solutions is simpler than you had thought earlier. A few helpful recommendations include:

1. Use Two Factor Authentication

The two-factor approach is a popular technique for securing the functions of your business. It’s a sure-fire technique for ensuring no malicious party can access your business resources. You use it to secure company resources through two key authentication measures. The first step is often a password, and the second step should be a verification code.

The code goes to a specific email or mobile phone number to provide when creating your account. It ensures you receive notifications for when a new device or user logs into your company’s resources.

2. Never Share Company System Data

By default, anyone can access basic company data, such as social media posts and general computer system data. You have to ensure that such data is safe from illegal access, as malicious parties can easily find loopholes to exploit your business. Each staff member should receive login details, with a unique authentication process for each system’s login process. Remember that resources such as your company’s social media profiles are also excellent sources of data.

Consider complementing the functions of this system with a concise company system protocol for data access. It will help ensure each staff member is aware of the accepted practices and issues associated with negligent use.

3. Check System Login Activity Regularly

If you have several system users in your small business, you have to find reasonable ways to account for their logins and operations. Doing this makes it easy to track when a particular system user engages in malicious activity.

You can assign this process to a professional I.T staff member to make things convenient. You will find it easy to track each user when you set up software such as data loggers. Ensure each system user is aware of the tracking activity relating to their logins and system usage.

4. Realize the Importance of A Powerful Password

Passwords and login details are the first important step in securing systems in your small business. Ensure that all your staff members realize the importance of using the correct password for company systems. The ideal password has to be difficult for hackers or software tools to bypass. A few helpful password characteristics include:

•It contains a unique character, upper case letters, and numbers.

•A password that you change regularly for the best system security results.

•It does not contain common names, nouns, and phrases.

•Contains terms that you generate using the “securely generated” function on web browsers.

5. Invest in I.T Services

While this seems like an extra cost to your business, it has several benefits for your firm. First, you gain access to exclusive information that you can use to skyrocket your business results. Second, you will get a competitive edge over other similar businesses that operate in your niche.

Ensure you go for reputable I.T services for a reasonable system security guarantee. A good example would be managed IT security services from a reputable company. They will be able to guide you and teach you the difference between MSP and MSSP. You are sure of receiving quality services and satisfaction guarantees for your small business.

6. Use Cloud Storage and Perform Regular Data Backups

Cloud storage ranks high up among some of the most critical resources for any modern-day business. It allows your organization to store company details conveniently on an online server. Some service providers have basic service packages but are limited in terms of spaces and functionalities.

The benefit of using cloud storage for your business is that it’s an excellent data safety measure. Furthermore, such technologies also make it easy for your staff to access company resources remotely. Nowadays, many companies provide cloud computing services, and you can use these to scale the data management abilities of your firm.


Before securing the systems in your small business, you have to choose the right solutions and system management techniques. The good thing for your small business is that it’s easy because you are still at a relatively low level of development.

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