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7 Ways to Make Yourself Marketable to Potential Employers

By | Tracie Johnson | Freelance Writer

Finding employment can be difficult in today’s highly competitive job market. You may have all the qualifications but still can’t seem to find the job you want. You can’t expect your potential employer to put in the extra work to find your best traits. You need to make yourself marketable and be able to stand above the rest of the competition. Here are seven effective ways you can substantially improve your marketability.

1. Cultivate Your Social Media

While social media can be fun and a great way to keep up with friends, it can also create an unpleasant and widely public image of you. Being tagged in photos during parties or vacations could potentially chase employers away. Cultivate your social media presence by removing any unsavory photos or material that might give employers the wrong impression.

2. Research the Company

As you’re applying for positions, thoroughly research the companies. Employers want to see your initiative and impressing them with your knowledge of the company is a great start. Know what drives the company and what they offer to their employees and clients. Have an idea of the significant contributions they’ve made in the industry and what they’re striving to do in the future. Knowing more about a company will also let you know if they’re going to be a good fit for your future goals.

3. Get a Headshot

Investing in professional headshots can give you the edge you need to land your dream job. Headshots are a great way to introduce yourself to your employer and show your best possible self. Employers will be able to visualize how you’ll fit alongside their current staff. You should consider looking for headshot photographers in Orange County or anywhere in your locale to find professionals who have experience taking corporate headshots. These photographs can be submitted alongside your resume as well as posted to your LinkedIn.

4. Update Your Resume

Don’t let your achievements and certifications go unrecognized. Professional adults are constantly taking workshops and classes to better their skills and make them more well-rounded. Update your resume every few months at least with your new achievements so employers know what you can do. It also helps to regularly check your resume for spelling or grammar mistakes that might lose you the job. Don’t be afraid to spice up your resume every couple of years with a new template, font, or color scheme.

5. Practice with Mock Interviews

Many excellent candidates fumble during the interview process. Even if you’re highly skilled and practiced, you might get nervous when face-to-face with your future employer. Asking friends or family members to help you practice your interview responses can refine your answers for when it matters. Take the time to work through difficult questions in a safe environment and find ways to incorporate your knowledge of the company. Mock interviews also allow you to think through any questions you might want to ask your employer.

6. Dress the Part

Interviewers will often first make note of your outfit even before they shake your hand. Dressing too casually in a business setting may seem lazy or underwhelming. You don’t have to necessarily dress for the job you want, but overdressing is usually safer than underdressing. Wear a suit or dress slacks with a high-quality top. You likely won’t have to maintain that dress code once you have the job but impressing your employer is worth stepping outside your comfort zone for a few hours.

7. Be Confident

As nervous as you may be walking into the interview, hold your head high and walk with confidence. Make and hold eye contact to show you’re listening and engaged. Anxiety can often overwhelm an interviewee and make you look down or away from the people in front of you. Being able to hold eye contact is an impressive skill you can cultivate with practice. You’ll have a much easier time in interviews when you can hold yourself with confidence.

Closing Remarks

Making yourself marketable to employers can seem like an impossible task. Stand above the crowd by improving your marketability. Always be aware of the impact of your social media presence and learn how to appropriately dress and act in front of potential employers.

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