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Ways to Tackle Challenges of Modern Workforce: Female Entrepreneurship Guide

By | Amanda Jerelyn

In the modern corporate world, Female entrepreneurship is playing a pivotal role in creating growth and job in their communities. In general, it may look easy on paper, but in actual, running a business by a woman has numerous problems. The voice at different platforms is being raised and helping women to lead business and solving their issues; still, it needs more efforts to fix them.

There are various effective and practical ways to tackle the challenges of the modern workforce for female-led businesses. The objective is to achieve better representation and opportunities for women in all aspects of life, either social or business. The business world is looking female entrepreneurship differently as a result of mindset shift about the scope of this phenomenon.

Ways to tackle challenges

According to statistics, businesses owned by women in the U.S. employ more than 9 million people last year. With this increased number of employees, the challenges are also getting high. To overcome hurdles faced by female-led business, below are some ways which can be convenient to tackle them:

1.      Effective communication to avoid any conflict

This is the first and foremost aspect which emphasizes the importance of effective communication via multiple means not limited to phone calls. The process begins with official emails to get communication wires tangled. This helps in avoiding any conflicts in the future regarding terms and condition.

To run a business successfully, it requires effective communication at all levels of employees and management. At times it becomes essential to do things in black and white such as to have a communications agreement for third party contractors. The details must be specific and definite regarding the objectives and tasks assigned to them.

2.      Best performance for a better outcome

It’s a general phenomenon that: hard work speaks for itself. The same idea applies here by giving the best performance in all the required aspects can overcome hurdles for woman-led business. However, there is another important factor here that it is about the performance of employees and staff working for the business. The female entrepreneur has to manage and bring out the best of others too.

The work-related issues are a tricky subject and require proper attention to deal with them. The assignment of duties to every staff according to their expertise can be a challenging task. To handle this issue, a thorough and comprehensive review of skills and competence must be done. If required, having an in-person discussion with the supervisors or managers can be arranged to assign the tasks for a better outcome.

3.      To develop a precise employee schedule

 This is another challenge of a modern workforce which emphasizes the importance of scheduling staff to create order and flow of a business. Every staff and member of each team works according to a planned schedule, which results in paying more attention to their job. “Employee schedule also helps to utilize the same resources such as machinery; equipment’s to be used at their full capacity to deliver an improved result,” says Mark Anthony, head of research department at CrowdWriter UK.

Let’s take an example, where a clothing company has established a factory which is run by a businesswoman. She needs to develop a precise employee schedule to get maximum output by arranging different shifts for the workers. If there are gaps in this aspect, it will lead to more expenses with less production leading loss or failure to the business. Proper scheduling helps in covering up the essential tasks at correct times.

4.      By managing a dispersed workforce

In a male-dominated business world, it becomes hard for a female entrepreneur to get an acknowledgment of their leadership roles. Many women CEOs are not taken seriously by others when they speak or share their opinion. Hence it becomes hard to manage the staff and teams under them to work as effectively as needed. This dispersed workforce can be a nightmare for any business owner, and for a woman, it becomes more challenging.

A female entrepreneur needs to put in the work for creating a business continuity plan which keeps check and balance at every step of the business. This will help them to keep a close eye at various stages and intervene immediately if anything goes wrong or not according to plan.

5.      Motivating and encouraging workforce

Female business owners need to drive their employees and incline them to keep working at their best potential. With this mindset, they were able to bring success to their businesses. As a matter of fact, 88% of the top 50 wealthiest female entrepreneurs created and founded their own companies.

The approach of leading a business must not be only to get the best-talented people but also to instill motivation and encouragement in them. The staff needs to be added with experts as well as young and energetic staff to create a team with experience of past and technology of the future. With this high-end strategy, the issues related to the modern workforce can be sorted out for a female entrepreneur.

Author Bio: 

Amanda Jerelyn is currently working as a Human Resource Manager at King Essay. With her vast experience of human resources, she holds strong expertise in the management of all aspects related to employment. Amanda also takes a keen interest in training managers, recruiters, generalists and more.      

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