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We Need To Change How Employees Leave Companies. Here’s a Blueprint

Source Linkedin|  | By|Robert Glazer

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So much about the way we work has changed, but people in all industries and at all levels of their organizations exit jobs the same way: a secretive job search, an awkward conversation with a supervisor, and two weeks’ notice or less in many countries. A years-long professional relationship can dissolve in less than 14 days.

Why do we accept this system? What if we threw out the antiquated employee departure model and replaced it with something more transparent, empathetic and mutually beneficial?

At our company, Acceleration Partners (AP), we realized the old system was broken and replaced it with our Mindful Transition program. Here’s why our concept works:

1. Sudden notice damages professional relationships.

Picture this: You’re in a long-term relationship, and after several happy years, your partner tells you he or she is marrying someone else and moving to a new city in just a few weeks. How would you react?

This is an imperfect analogy, but comparing personal and professional relationships illustrates how drastic the differences can be. Leaving a romantic relationship so quickly, with no prior discussion of unhappiness, is something no humane person would do. Nevertheless, it’s normal for everyone to do this to their managers and colleagues. Isn’t it time we considered a better option? Here’s why.

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