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‘We need to sustain a culture of trust in a remote working environment’

In an exclusive interview, Lakshmi C, managing director and lead - human resources, Accenture India, says, "Organisations need to foster a culture of experimentation, encouraging people to fail fast and fail often."

Source | | Brinda Sarkar

People are looking to trust their organisations and their trust is upheld when leaders communicate with them regularly and transparently on how the organisation is responding to the crisis, says Lakshmi C, managing director and lead – human resources, Accenture in India. In an exclusive interview with ET’s Brinda Sarkar, Lakshmi says the company is focusing on building mental resilience among employees to help them cope with the stress that could be created by physical distancing. Edited excerpts:

During a crisis like Covid-19, what are the most important areas where employees look for support from their organisation?

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the way we live and work at an unprecedented scale. Today, most people are working under new conditions and experiencing new kinds of pressures. We researched what employees look for from their organisations in today’s context and our study ‘Human Resilience: What your people need now’ shows that at a time when several, usual freedoms are restricted, people fundamentally need to feel they are empowered to do what is necessary to keep themselves and their families safe and well. They need the flexibility to work differently. Consecutive hours of uninterrupted work may not be feasible, as many people deal with disrupted eldercare and childcare, difficulties in securing essential supplies at home, and potential healthcare issues. People need consistent, transparent and clear communication from leadership at all levels.

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