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We went from $1Mn to $100 Mn in 5 years, here’s how we’re scaling sales and marketing for hypergrowth

Source | LinkedIn | Arun Pattabhiraman | Global Vice President – Growth & Marketing @ Freshworks | Former CMO@ InMobi | LinkedIn Power Profile 2017 (I’m hiring!)

There is nothing more challenging and exciting than driving growth at a unicorn that’s already blitz-scaling towards epic growth milestones. We went from $1 million to $100 million in annual recurring revenue in just about five years. We also grew from being a single product company to about a dozen products, expanded our presence to multiple markets, and have grown from a six-member team to a 2500-member strong company.

The opportunity now, to create a billion dollar revenue company on the back of a world-class product, marketing, and sales engine is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that few companies and leaders survive to witness. At Freshworks, we can see this magic already beginning to happen, and that’s what makes this journey super exciting for us. 

All this means shooting for larger deals and at the same time growing our existing customer base. Imagine something like a plane with two engines– both mission critical– firing at the same time. We’re growing from being a startup making tools for young companies like ourselves to being a mid-sized organization that appeals to larger companies as well, and that’s forcing us to reimagine our marketing and sales strategy.

In 2010, we were focused on building products for small and medium businesses and selling to them. Over time we started gaining popularity among larger companies as well, thanks to how powerful yet simple our solutions were. 

Our products, built by some of the best designers, engineers, and product managers, have become more capable, allowing us to attract companies that require sophisticated solutions. This meant going deeper into areas such as customer support, ITSM, sales, marketing automation, and employee engagement with our products. And instead of treating them as separate silos, we are also able to tie everything together by giving our customers a unified view of their customers, thanks to the versatile technology backbone that we have built. 

In turn, this means not only selling to customers who come to us by searching on the internet or discover us through word of mouth, but also talking about our larger vision of bringing marketing, sales, support and various functions to help our customers get more customers for life. To that end, our sales and marketing teams are also changing. In this post, I want to share some of the things we’ve learned.

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