Web Portal And Web Portals Functions

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The ideal portal is based on following functionality areas:

  • search and navigation

  • personalization

  • notification

  • task management and workflow

  • collaboration and groupware

Although most of the functionality is not new, what is new is the idea that the business value of the whole is considerably more than the sum of its parts. Thus, a successful portal does not only consist of either a good collaboration support or a good integration of the information sources. Rather it consists of – just like a successful cooking recipe – a well-integrated mixture of the basic portal functionalities.

Search and Navigation

This functionality forms the basis for most of the successful public web portals meaning that a successful portal should support its users in an efficient search for contents.

A portal should:

  • automatically present its users with the information appropriate to the user’s role
  • suggest additional information to the user, and/or allow the user to voluntarily personalize the information presented by the portal

  • allow the user to search for information that was not previously known to be relevant to the user’s role, but which may be available through the portal

Provide Personalization

Personalization is vital to the delivery of appropriate information to portal users: each user gets only the information which is specifically tailored to his/her needs. Personalization should be based on user roles, as well as user preferences.

There are several types of personalization:

  • Personalization of navigation

e.g. shortcuts to specific information, mostly known as bookmarks or favorites

  • Personalization of data/content

e.g. which stocks do I want to see in my stock ticker

  • Personalization of layout

e.g. what information appears where on the screen, in which format, color or size

An important high-level distinction exists between:

  • Design personalization

the initial appearance of the portal, which may be ‘pre-personalized’ according to the…

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