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This week’s must reads: Tech Companies are Addicting People! But Should They Stop?

Source |Linkedin .com  |  BY:Nir Eyal, Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author of “Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products,” Public Speaker, and Consultant

In my work as a behavioral designer, I come across stories on the importance of using psychology to influence behavior. Here’s my weekly round-up of the most important stories at the intersection of psychology, technology, and business.

Tech Companies are Addicting People! But Should They Stop?

Are technologies like Facebook and Snapchat addictive? If so, should these companies do anything to help their addicted users?

How to Use Psychology to Make Persuasive Video

Learn the psychology of how to engage people with video online

Snapchat is stifled by its un-algorithmic feed

Snapchat invented its best products by being the anti-Facebook. But will it last?

Design Thinking Needs To Think Bigger

Design thinking, as it was conceived 15 years ago, has outlived its usefulness. Enter systems thinking.

Our World Outsmarts Us

Social problems are fantastically complex, while human minds are severely under-engineered. Is democracy doomed?

Our Brains Love New Stuff, and It’s Killing the Planet

Can we trick ourselves into making smarter choices?


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