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Well-Being Belongs at the Heart of Organizational Culture and Leadership

Source | | Nicola Hasling

Well-being in its broadest sense is impacted by several elements including mental and physical health, a positive work environment, the opportunity for personal growth, good lifestyle choices and financial well-being. A holistic well-being program will address all of these elements. Investment in the well-being of employees can lead to increased resilience, reduced absences and improved productivity. The concept of well-being at work has been rapidly growing in importance over the past few years, with a recognition that workplace stress is impacting the workforce and contributing to many forms of both physical and mental illness.

The impact of the last 12 months has encouraged organizations to accelerate their well-being strategies. In the area of benefits, this has meant a shift away from some of the usual on-site offerings such as gyms, massage programs, yoga and meditation sessions, and healthy snacks, to create more of a focus on the pressing need of employee mental health and resilience during these challenging times. While this is certainly adding to the cost of employee benefit programs, a proactive approach to uncovering new and effective strategies and solutions will inevitably enhance the employee experience, improve engagement, and ultimately drive better performance―all of which are good outcomes and worth the investment. To be effective, well-being initiatives need to be a core part of organizational culture and leadership.

Who is Responsible for Creating a Culture that Embraces Well-Being?

It is all very well having a robust well-being program that is adaptable to meet the needs of a broad range of issues but unless there is a culture that truly values and embraces the concepts then the real benefits will not be realized.

Who is responsible for creating a culture of well-being? The answer is everyone:

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