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We’re not getting back to normal. Ever. Here are 3 strategies to manage now

Accenture Interactive Global Marketing Services Lead Jeannine Falcone says leaders can learn from what Thrivers do differently. “After all, Thrivers are 40% more likely to perform better in revenue growth and profitability.”


Joining a video call with a client while holding a screaming toddler, answering the door for a delivery, and quieting a barking dog. And doing it five days a week for nearly two years. If that’s not a recipe for burnout, then I don’t know what is.

The fact that 44% of employees report feeling burned out doesn’t surprise me at all. What does surprise me is that the figure isn’t higher. With a similar number of employees considering quitting their jobs, it’s past time to start addressing corporate burnout.

Marketers are no strangers to burnout. The pressure for growth and performance has been intensifying amid higher consumer expectations, shrinking budgets, and a swirl of technology and content. The pandemic magnified this complexity. So much so that nearly 70% of marketing leaders say that the last year completely exhausted their teams, according to new Accenture Interactive research.

But here’s the good news: This same research found a core group of marketers globally (17%) who have bucked the burnout trend to become “Thrivers” energized to meet future challenges. That’s compared to the “Strivers” and “Survivors” who feel like they’re merely persevering or totally burned out.

Leaders can learn from what Thrivers do differently. After all, they deliver an enviable performance premium. Thrivers are 40% more likely to perform better in revenue growth and profitability, plus they’re 80% more likely to perform “far better” in customer satisfaction.


Marketers know how complex the landscape has become. Customer demands are getting trickier, and all the while, employees want to feel that their work is meaningful. 

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