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What a startup can learn from the movie Dangal?

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Like any other movie of Amir Khan, Dangal has been made with dedication and perfection. The true and inspiring story of Mahavir Singh Phogat coaching his daughters to win gold medal for India is the soul of the movie and it has been written, directed and act fantastically. As a result, the movie is getting rave reviews from critics and audience alike. In-spite of the cash crunch due to demonetization, this movie is going to be a blockbuster.

The movie and its story have something for everyone. There are many inspiring sequences for girls, fathers, daughters, aspiring sports people and patriots. Running a successful start-up is also as tough as winning in a sports game.

There are a few very good lessons for start ups in the movie


In the move, Mahavir Singh Phogat (The character played by Amir Khan), has a dream of winning gold medal for India in the sports of wrestling. He himself could not go beyond Nationals as his father did not allow him. He has a dream of making his son achieve what he could not. But destiny had some other plans. His wife delivers three daughters. Mahavir is not against daughters but he had a perception that wresting is meant for males only and hence his dream of winning gold for India is not going to be true now. But one fine day, when his two daughters beat boys of their age, he realizes their potential. He also realizes that his main aim is to win gold for India and gold medal does not differentiate between a male and female.

Similarly start ups may not have access to the best people. It may not be able hire the best from IIMs, IITs or industry experts but that should not stop them from providing best products or services to their customers. A delighted customer is like a gold medal for a start up. Even if they cannot hire the best they should make people that work for them the best. Just like Mahavir made his daughter the best even when compared to males of the state.


In one sequence, Mahavir realizes that to make his daughters stronger he would need to feed them properly. In-spite of him being a vegetarian he feels the need of feeding chicken to his daughters. Chicken was beyond his reach not only from moral point of view but economically as well. But he is a very stubborn person and sees nothing beyond his goal. In order to provide chicken to his daughters within his budget he goes to a chicken seller and asks to provide chicken at a very nominal rate. He shows the bright future to the supplier. He convinces the supplier that his daughters are surely going to be great and popular wrestlers in the state and when people will know that these girls used to have chicken from his shop, it will be a great business for him.

Likewise start ups also need many suppliers to carry out their business operations. Few of these suppliers are best in the industry but are too expensive. Start-ups can devise a strategy of how, if they grow these suppliers will have great business in the future. They need to think from the suppliers’ point of view on how they would be benefited in future if associated with this start-up.

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