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What are dark personality traits?

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John works as a customer service representative at TTT Inc,  one of the major textile player in South Asia. One Monday morning, John happened to deal with an angry customer. John, usually known for his empathy and diplomatic personality  lost his cool, got into a conflict with the customer. In the heated situation, John abused the customer and the latter escalated John’s behavior to his boss. 

Since TTT Inc believed in ‘Customer-first’ attitude, John’s boss condemned his behavior and immediately offered a pink slip. 

Furious John, outraged by his Manager’s move breached customer data of TTT Inc to its competitor.

How unethical is it?

John has been one of the High Potential employee throughout and the sudden twitch in his behavior raise the eyebrows of all his co-workers.

Why? John’s dark personality that was dormant so far, has come to notice of others.

The recruitment system failed to assess dark personality traits of John. 

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