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What Are Employers Really Looking For?

Source | LinkedIn : By Liz Ryan

Dear Liz,

I am at my wits’ end with my job search. I wish I knew what employers are looking for. In one case I got a phone interview and the interviewer was very nice, but at the end of the call she said “We need someone with more supervisory experience.”

I understood that because the only supervisory experience I have was three months when my manager was out on leave. Then two weeks later I got called in for a face to face interview in a different company and it went well, but I got a no-thanks letter. I didn’t get a reason.

Now I have another interview coming up and I’m wracking my brain to think “What qualities should I emphasize on the interview?” I don’t know what to say about myself because I don’t know what employers are looking for. I’ve heard a lot of different things.

I’ve read that the most important thing on a job interview is to talk about problem-solving experience and I have a lot of that. Other people say no, the most important thing is to talk about your values. How would you even bring that up? I am confused. Please help me, Liz! I trust your advice more than anyone’s.



Dear Morgan,

You will drive yourself crazy worrying about what hiring managers want, and all that worry and stress won’t help you! There is no such group as “hiring managers.” Every hiring manager is different. Each manager has his or her own likes and dislikes and priorities, the way we all do.

Even if you tried, you couldn’t be the perfect candidate for every single manager or even the majority of them. On top of that, why would you want to try to be somebody other than the amazing, one-of-a-kind person you are?


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