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What are the business benefits of a Talent Marketplace?

By | David Green | People Analytics leader | Director, Insight222 & | Conference speaker | Host, Digital HR Leaders Podcast

Through their talent marketplace, one organisation brought together a team of ten people in a week. Together they created 15 new products, which when brought to market realised 280 million euros of revenue

In this series of the Digital HR Leaders Podcast we’re taking a closer look at talent marketplace. What it is, why its important and how companies are using it. 

My guest in this week’s episode of the podcast is Ruslan Tovbulatov, who first witnessed how HR and people analytics could be a strategic enabler of innovation during his time at Google. This inspired Ruslan to pivot towards the HR/work tech field, first by joining Arianna Huffington at Thrive Global, where he worked in senior product and marketing roles for four years , and now at Gloat (as VP, Marketing) – the company that first coined the phrase ‘talent marketplace’.

When I talk with senior HR leaders in large global companies, talent mobility (and by extension, talent marketplace) is invariably one of the first topics that gets raised. If you think about it for a moment, this isn’t surprising when one considers that a thriving talent marketplace promotes agility, innovation and efficiency for businesses, enables managers to quickly assemble teams to complete projects, and helps employees develop their careers, learning and skills.

As you’ll hear from Ruslan in our conversation, one particularly powerful example of the possibilities afforded by talent marketplace saw a manager in Turkey quickly assemble a global team through their company’s talent marketplace from India, Europe and Latin America. Together this team created a new brand of ice cream for the Turkish market, and because the team was global in its nature were able to introduce a flavour of ice cream that hitherto hadn’t existed in Turkey.

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