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What are the types of Organization Culture?

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Yet another new hire leaves the company just within 3 months of his induction. Sounds familiar?

Organizations lose 25% of all new employees within the first year, says a research made by Allied Workforce Mobility Survey. While a considerable number of factors like work-life balance, pay, lack of recognition are stated from the employee’s end, at times, misalignment of expectations drives unhappiness amongst the new hires after starting the position. Setting real expectations of what a typical day at workplace looks like, what organization culture they believe in, an idea of hierarchy. So, only those candidates who feel that they have the job skills and feel that organization’s culture and structure align with that of theirs.

Organizations lose 25% of all new employees within the first year

What is Organization Culture?

Every organization has its own culture, that descends from the top management – founders, key stake holders to the  employees of the company. Be it a dress code, their priorities, employee policies, customer policies and many others.

Employers want people who can fit into the organization on-the-go or have the innate traits that match with the organization culture.

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