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What Are Things That Do Not Matter In Life?

Source | LinkedIn : By James Altucher

Originally asked on Quora: What Are Things That Do Not Matter In Life?

Bear with me. Because it matters.

I wanted to matter very badly. It’s nice to know that, “after I’m dead”, I leave something behind. People remember me.

It’s nice to create impact that changes the world when you are no longer there.

(does Michelangelo think this matters still?)

But maybe things matter in a different way than we think. Maybe everything matters because nothing matters.

Let me explain:


None of your opinions matter. And all of your facts are wrong. I know a lot of things. But in any one topic there are people who know 1000x more than I do.

So if I have an opinion on any of these things, it’s either useless or harmful. And nobody will agree with me anyway.

For instance, let’s say your friend’s spouse is cheating. You say, “You should leave him”.

Will she? Maybe. Maybe not. But it will certainly have nothing to do with your opinion . And if she stays, chances are she won’t be your friend anymore.

No opinion has ever changed anyone’s mind. Try to change someone’s mind using facts about a political situation.

“Oh, yeah, you must be right. I’m going to change my vote,” has been been said by nobody ever.


As a society, we are so upset about death.

Don’t kill fetuses!

Don’t kill old people who want to die!

I don’t really understand. There are two types of people: people who believe in a heaven, and people who believe nothing exists after we die.

If you believe in heaven – why not let people die? It’s certainly better “up there” than here.

And if you believe that nothing exists – what could it possibly matter to the person who dies? He or she won’t even know!

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