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What Bad Leaders Consistently Get Wrong About Their Weaknesses

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Nobody is perfect. We all have things we need to work on to improve our skills, and this is especially true of leaders. Unfortunately, many fail when promoted to a leadership position. While there are many reasons that can contribute to each individual failure, many of the problems arise because of people who are unwilling to address or downright ignore their own weaknesses.

“Ignoring Your Weaknesses As a Leader Will Cause You to Fail”

Whether you don’t know how to speak to your employees or misunderstand the importance of workplace discipline, focusing on your weaknesses so you can turn them into strengths may be one of the most important things you ever do as a leader.

Learn to identify your own weaknesses.

Focusing on one’s weaknesses may not be very fun, but it is essential if you wish to be an effective leader. However, many people in a position of leadership struggle to identify what their weaknesses are, either because of pride or misconceptions about their performance.

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