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What Can HR do to Support Those Working From Home?

By | Linda Carter

It has been a huge challenge for businesses and employees to adjust to remote working during the pandemic, which in itself has also caused a great deal of stress and difficulties for people. It was reported towards the end of 2020 that 24% of people across all industries were working entirely from home and, while many are enjoying the perks, there are often many challenges which is why HR needs to find ways to support staff remotely.

Here are a few ideas for ways in which HR can ensure that those that are WFH can feel supported and enjoy the perks that this way of working can provide.

Organise Virtual Activities

One of the biggest problems that people working remotely find is that it is easy to feel lonely and isolated, especially during the pandemic when there are heavy restrictions in place as to what you can do and who you can see. Therefore, many businesses find that arranging fun virtual activities for team members is helpful for keeping people engaged and feeling less isolated.

Documentation to Explain Expectations

People can also feel concerned when WFH because they are not being supervised and may be unaware of what is expected of them. This is why it is useful to create documentation to establish and explain new expectations for remote workers and to make someone available to provide support if it is needed at all.

Ensure Everyone has Suitable Equipment

In order to get the most out of WFH and overcome the challenges that it can present, it is important for businesses to make sure that everyone has the equipment that they need. This will include home office equipment such as a chair, desk and computer/laptop along with remote working tools such as videoconferencing tools, cloud storage, screen sharing software and anything else that they might need to carry out their role effectively while WFH.

Check Up On Mental Wellbeing

As mentioned before, people can often feel isolated and lonely when working from home and the current situation makes matters only harder as the pandemic is causing so much stress and worry. This is why it is so important for HR professionals to check on with all employees on a regular basis to see how they are doing, provide support and find ways to help if somebody is struggling. Jobs in HR require the ability to provide mental health support as well as lookout for signs that someone is struggling, particularly in difficult times like these.

Hopefully, this post will help your business to support staff remotely and make sure that people are able to work to the best of their abilities and enjoy this way of working which can bring many benefits for both the business and employees.


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